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Wallem Group provides clients with ship management, shipping agency, ship broking and IT services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we are committed to providing excellent services to our clients worldwide.

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Marine Buying Services

Topics Description Duration
Setting Up Internet Explorer Setup Internet Explorer Settings 0:21
Login Login 4:13
Filter Screen Search/Filter a Vessel 2:47
Status Summary Report Re-open the Filter screen in Status Summary Report page 0:15
  View the Reports in Status Summary Report page 0:40
Status Summary Report Page Header View the Status Summary Report Page Header 0:15
  Use New Filter link 0:13
  Export Report to Excel 1:23
  How to refresh Status Summary Report 0:13
  How to view a Requisition 1:18
  View the Reqn Date 0:37
  View the Description 0:29
  View the Priority 0:18
  How to create a Request For Quote (RFQ) 2:41
  How to create Quote (Quotation Input by Buyer) 2:05
  View RFQ sent and Quote received 0:54
  How to cancel a Requisition in Status Summary Report 0:46
  How to approve items in Quote Comparator 3:49
  How to Confirm Order in Quote Comparator 3:44
  How to create PO Coversheet and send the PO to Supplier and Vessel 1:36
  How to view PO Coversheet and PO details 0:43
  How to view PO supplier 0:15
  How to add & view status, remark and GRA column in summary status report 1:53
How to cancel PO without GRA in Status Summary Report 0:19
  View the Status 1:13
  View the Remarks 1:22
  View the GRA (Ship/Ofc) 0:55
PO Housepeeking How to cancel outstanding order qty (PO GRA comparison) 0:49